Letters to the Editor

January 7, 2014

Samantha Zamora: Teen pregnancy education needed

As a high school student, I can say that teens are becoming pregnant in the community. I know that most of these girls’ intentions were not to conceive a child while being practically children themselves. These new human beings were simply the consequence of a careless act. For that, some of the teen mothers’ families will struggle trying to take care of a newborn.

Proper precautions are not taken to prevent such outcomes. Teenagers often think they are invincible. They think, “I can do this, nothing will happen to me.” Such thinking leads to having unprotected sex. Sex education should be taught in depth, not just the bare minimum. We should be learning the consequences of unprotected sex – pregnancies, STDs and how to stay safe – not just the anatomical parts of a male and female during a two-week unit.

Sex among teenagers will happen; it is up to us to consider how much of an impact one careless moment can make. Schools and the community need to take more of an educational action to assist teens in making decisions with lifetime consequences.



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