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January 9, 2014

Jackie Aguilar: Taking teenagers seriously

Taking teenagers seriously

I cannot count the number of times adults have not taken teenagers seriously. Teenagers are known for reckless behavior and having an attitude of not caring. Many times, I have seen a teenager’s ideas being shut down because we’re not realistic enough or we’re just too young to understand. Our opinions matter just as much as adults’ opinions.

Everyone listens to music. So why is it that when teenagers listen to it, our elders always scold us because it’s too loud or we listen too much or the music is negatively affecting us? Adults don’t realize that our “loud” music is our best friend during tough and confusing times.

Adults also have a habit of trying to protect us from everything from drugs and alcohol to foul language. Adults try to keep us on a straight path to perfection, but no one is perfect and no teenager is even close to perfect. Teens also have a tendency to be attracted to danger. Sure, every once in a while, a teen will make some bad choices, but it is up to us to pick the right decision. Can anyone really blame us? We’re just trying to have a little fun before we wake up with back pains and the landlord demanding rent money.



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