Letters to the Editor

January 13, 2014

Pat Trieweiler: California’s drought crisis needs attention

The delay in declaring a state of emergency for drought in California shows the disconnect Jerry Brown has with Valley agriculture. A declaration should have been made weeks ago. He should be taking the lead on this crisis.

Equally troubling are the years of neglect Washington has demonstrated toward Valley agriculture. Jim Costa claims to declare “political war” for Valley water concerns, yet New Exchequer Dam has not been raised and water-storage facilities are not being built. Costa’s “common sense” approach for irrigating crops is helping sink our Valley floor. How much time do Brown and Costa need to get these things done? Time is running out. It’s time that Brown and Costa redirect their thoughts from fish, fairy shrimp, speedy choo-choo trains and government-run health care exchanges and pay more attention to the state’s job creator – agriculture.



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