Barbara Bustos: Merced County Supervisor Pedrozo rewards his friends

02/12/2014 6:14 PM

02/12/2014 6:21 PM

Bravo for your story about Supervisor John Pedrozo throwing his weight around to protect his employee from the consequences of her conduct. It is shameful. What you haven’t reported yet is the political fixing he’s been trying to do for the Good Ol’ Boys Club. At the board meeting on Jan. 28, it was announced that Pedrozo had appointed Sheriff’s candidate Frank Swiggart to the May Day Fair Board to represent Pedrozo’s District 1. He’ll be replacing Pedrozo’s best buddy, former Sheriff Mark Pazin. The funny thing is that Swiggart doesn’t even live in Pedrozo’s district. Of course, neither did Pazin. If I was one of Pedrozo’s constituents, I’d sure want to know why no one in District 1 seems worthy of an appointment to the Fair Board.

Pedrozo also appointed Michael Harris to represent District 1 on the Emergency Medical Care Committee. Who is Michael Harris? He was president of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association when they contributed $1,650 to Pedrozo’s re-election campaign. Harris doesn’t live in Pedrozo’s district, either. Oh, and did I mention, Swiggart has also made campaign contributions to Pedrozo. Quid pro quo for the Good Ol’ Boys Club? It’s great to be a friend of Pedrozo’s.



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