Letters to the Editor

February 14, 2014

Richard Lewis: Warnke for Merced sheriff

It is time to start deciding who would make the best sheriff for Merced County. There is only one person who has lived his life in Merced and has spent his career with the Sheriff’s Office.

Vern Warnke, as a DARE officer, noticed a family who was basically homeless. He helped them find an apartment and then proceeded to buy them furniture for their home. In his work as a deputy, he mediated peace between a feuding grandmother and her daughter-in-law to allow her to see her grandchildren again. These are just a few things Vern has done in his tenure of more than 37 years in the Sheriff’s Office. He was the Merced County coroner with the charge of giving families the worst possible news: that their loved one will never return home. He has driven the endless miles through Merced County 24/7 to help and protect citizens of Merced County. He understands and respects the people who work for the Sheriff’s Office.

Vern Warnke will always have the back of his officers and employees of the Merced County Sheriff’s Office. We now must have his.



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