Letters to the Editor

March 9, 2014

Sam Matthews: Gear up for summer energy conservation

Summer is fast approaching. PG&E has found through studies that the largest electrical load on a residential home is its heating and cooling system. Please help the state conserve energy, save yourself some money and be comfortable in your own home by having your system serviced and checked. Use a legit company with a contractor’s license and check it for reliability and customer-service ratings. A few tips:

• Change your filter regularly.
• If your notice ice on your unit or the line to it, turn it off and let it defrost.
• If your unit acts up but “magically” starts working again, do not ignore it; call out a technician to check it. A small problem can turn into a much bigger one.
• Wash your condenser with water periodically during the summer to keep the coil clean; do not use a pressure washer or too high a pressure as this will bend the fins, closing them and worsening the situation.
• Shutting off vents to rooms you do not use is a myth and not recommended, since it will back up pressure in your ducts and make your fan work harder, drawing more energy and shortening its lifespan.
• If you notice shadows or dirt near and around your vents, this is a sign you may have leaky ducts and may be drawing in hot/dirty attic air or air from inside the walls.


HVAC technician


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