Peter Lizdas: Attack signs targeting Gray are unwarranted

03/12/2014 10:39 PM

03/12/2014 10:40 PM

A black-and-yellow sign at the corner of G and Yosemite informs us that “Adam Gray broke his promise.”

Elsewhere, another such sign states “Adam Gray kills jobs.”

These signs contain no information about exactly what promise has been broken, or what jobs killed, nor does close inspection reveal any information regarding the individual(s) or organization responsible for these notices. (I will not be surprised to soon see a sign appear to the effect that Mr. Gray opposes motherhood, or strangles puppies for laughs.)

The anonymous nature of this guttersnipe attack on Assemblyman Gray, and its highly personal nature, is certainly creepy, however, and indicative of the decadent ethical standard held by the cowardly person(s) responsible.

The general public is rightfully outraged by this smear campaign, and the imposition of such obnoxious, stupid ugliness upon our public spaces. These signs are akin to the obscene scrawling typically found above the urinal in a gas station toilet, and reflect a similar level of taste and mental development.



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