Pat Trieweiler: Nancy Pelosi blaming the wrong party

03/17/2014 6:20 PM

03/21/2014 5:28 PM

Nancy Pelosi recently claimed that an unnamed Republican said he/she didn’t support “vital lifelines” for those most in need. She cited “hungry children” as an example.

I believe that Pelosi and her fellow progressives are largely to blame for the need of more “vital lifelines” due to their pork-barrel spending. This contributes to the growing national debt and robs future generations of economic prosperity. Wasteful spending from Washington will equate to higher taxes, just to pay the interest on the debt alone. The fact that Pelosi didn’t even bother to read the Affordable Care Act before voting for it also negatively affected many Americans’ “lifelines,” who lost their insurance coverage and had to scramble to find alternatives. Of course, they were promised otherwise.

Pelosi may want to look up the term “fiscal responsibility” the next time she brings up the “vital lifeline” spin. Of course, Pelosi doesn’t have the time to do much reading.



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