Letters to the Editor

March 26, 2014

Rick Seymour: Learn from desert water district

It is important for everyone to start thinking of solutions to the water shortage we face this year and possibly hereafter. The Coachella Valley Water District has a solution. On its website, the district explains that it “recycles more than 2 billion gallons of wastewater each year.” This recycling filters out solids, organic materials, chemicals and germs.

Dairy farmers have been recycling water for years, using wastewater to irrigate field crops. Why not use our wastewater from Redding to Bakersfield to irrigate crops or replenish groundwater? We could easily pump wastewater directly to nearby irrigation canals. If a canal isn’t nearby, let it flow downstream where it can be pumped to the nearest irrigation canal. I have no idea how much water could be recycled statewide, but my guess is trillions of gallons. This won’t solve all of California’s water problems, but we will be flowing in the right direction.



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