Florence Lambert: Trap, neuter, release works and saves cats

04/06/2014 10:24 PM

04/06/2014 10:26 PM

I read the article recommended in the letter “Dangers of feral cats” (Letters, April 3). Richard Conniff’s article in The New York Times was based on opinion only. Neither the article nor the letter provided any facts. I have contacted other counties from Stanislaus to Fairfax, Va., that have implemented the Trap, Neuter and Release program. Every entity I spoke with states the program works. Fairfax had a 59 percent decrease of feral kittens in one year. Officer Dorothy Nunes, of Stanislaus Animal Services, said it has been a success there as well. The letter writer should supply us with actual facts that ferals cause disease. Trap, Neuter and Return not only sterilizes but also immunizes. I can’t help but wonder if the writer would like hawks, falcons, eagles, all birds of prey also euthanized because they prey on wild birds? Remember, feral cats are largely responsible for the population control of the actual disease carrying rodents.

The world didn’t go to bed one night and wake up with thousands of homeless cats. Human beings are responsible for every homeless animal and human beings have a responsibility to correct this problem in a humane way – not by killing thousands of animals. It’s been proven that T-N-R works. Why wouldn’t we try it?


Volunteer coordinator, Merced SPCA No Kill Shelter


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