Will Rogers: Don't waste our water

04/25/2014 8:53 PM

04/25/2014 8:54 PM

In response to comments on “Dianne Feinstein’s water bill flowing to where money is” (Perspective, April 18): If there were no commercial salmon industry to destroy, there is still no justifiable reason to wipe out our inland rivers of their natural wildlife and fish resources. I’m sure we could employ thousands of people if we diverted irrigation water back into Owens Valley, but the same greed sent that water to where there was more money!

Our jobs should be built on sustainable resources, not just sent to areas where the money is, or to where selenium is concentrated; or the soil is hardpan 3 feet down and prevents percolation; or to where agriculture’s over-utilized and insatiable demand for more water long ago emptied the West’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Tulare; to where today agricultural overuse has pumped the water table down to over 400 feet and laid waste to thousands acres of former rangeland that is now barren and salt-laden and whose selenium dust blows across I-5 and creates traffic snarls and wrecks.



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