Maria Giampaoli: Adams was doing her job

04/28/2014 7:27 PM

04/28/2014 7:28 PM

Adams was just doing her job

I read last week’s special report “Politics in tax collection?” (Page A1, April 19) on the shenanigans happening on the third floor at the county building. I’m not quite sure what to make of the supervisors, but I am really bothered by how the report tried to pull Karen Adams into the mud.

As a citizen, I can only imagine how I would feel if I found out some overzealous bureaucrat froze my bank accounts without proper legal authority. Perhaps even more troubling, how would I feel if the elected county tax collector tried to hold my money hostage instead of returning what was rightfully mine? Luckily, while someone had the misfortune of going through the first situation, he was spared the indignity of having to deal with the second. Not only that, the guy still signed up for a payment plan and apparently is paying down the debt. Karen Adams did the right thing and gave the money back. She deserves a pat on the back, not a report chock full of innuendo with few facts to back it up.

Full disclosure: Thankfully, I’ve never had to work out a payment plan on back taxes so I’ve never met with the tax collector for that kind of problem. Most farmers know how to manage their farm accounts. That in mind, I really wish our press would stand up for public servants doing the right thing, instead of trying to manufacture scandal out of people just doing their jobs.


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