Warren Brown: Former IRS chief hides behind Fifth Amendment

05/04/2014 7:43 PM

05/04/2014 7:44 PM

President Barack Obama was not lying when he was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly. He was asked if he knew of any evidence that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. He replied, “There’s not a shred of evidence.” He’s basically correct. You see, he appointed Lois Lerner as head of the IRS. Lerner was asked under oath if she knew of any wrongdoing at the IRS concerning conservative groups not acquiring tax-exempt status. She replied: “I’ll take the Fifth (Amendment).” Several months later, she was asked the same question and again took the Fifth. So how can there be any evidence?

Question: Why wouldn’t she answer the question? Does she have something to hide? Why doesn’t Obama demand that she answer the question? I think the only Fifth that Lerner needs to take is a fifth of vodka, maybe then her lips would loosen up a bit and she would tell us what she knows.

Remember Obama’s promise to have the most transparent administration ever on the face of the Earth? His transparency is about as clear as mud.



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