J.D. Fischer: Salvage the entire Rim fire burn area

05/09/2014 6:06 PM

05/09/2014 6:08 PM

I am writing in response to “Fire salvage wins support” (April 23, Page A7): It is amazing, with all the environmental claims of “climate change” and saving our forests, that now, a year later, we are still debating the way to do the timber salvage.

Besides the fact they are only addressing 10 percent of the area, why? We are taking way too much time to do this timber salvage while trying to satisfy all the environmentalists! We should be addressing 100 percent of the area.

The logging industries, as well as private timber producers and all associated businesses, have been suffering for many years. Forestry experts have been stating we need to thin the timber as well as clear out the undergrowth to control the beetles and other problems.

Doing this timber salvage makes a lot of sense for the following reasons: jobs, increased money in the already ravaged communities of the fire and the fact of putting more lumber on the market.

The people need to stand up and say these forests belong not only to private interests but mostly to “We The People.” This would be a plus for the forests, the public and the environment.



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