Letters to the Editor

May 19, 2014

Florence Lambert: Cockfighting despicable; why print such stories?

Reading community columnist Dave Bultena’s “Remove the taboo against cockfighting” (May 9) opinion to legalize cockfighting, I kept waiting for the punch line. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one.

Bultena sincerely is prompting legalizing this cruel and inhumane practice. His reasons for legitimizing cockfighting were too ludicrous to repeat. I couldn’t believe he equated cockfighting with playing slot machines – really? I would like to ask Bultena to let someone “crop his comb, add spurs to his feet and put him in a ring with someone of his same thinking.” After all, “assertions that (community columnists) might be more highly developed intellectually then we give them credit for lacks any reason to pause.”

That would be a fight even I would watch. And, Sun-Star, why in the world would you print such a despicable column? And please, spare me the “freedom of the press” excuse – you have no hesitation not printing certain opinions that fall into your “we don’t agree” category.



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