Angela Martin: She knows them all; Lunney’s best

05/29/2014 10:57 PM

05/29/2014 10:58 PM

I have worked in the law enforcement community for 20 years and during those years have had the opportunity to work with each of the four candidates at one time or another.

The Sheriff’s Department’s employees are professional, hardworking individuals. What they need is a sheriff who knows their value and doesn’t micromanage every step they take. Someone who will trust in their abilities to carry out their duties, knowing they are doing all they can for the residents of this county. Pat Lunney is that sheriff.

Pat has a proven track record of success, stellar ethics and a no-nonsense approach in every position he has held, from when he first put on a badge with the Merced Police Department to MPD chief of police, to his leadership role with the state Department of Justice to his current position as chief investigator with the Merced District Attorney’s Office.

Some have called him “a good ol’ boy” because of his connections. Well you know what, in part it’s those connections that will enable him to make sure the Sheriff’s Department and the residents of Merced County acquire all they can from the state and federal governments to improve this county’s resources.

He will do what needs to be done to once again make the Sheriff’s Department a respected entity and ensure that residents of Merced County have their lives, property and rights protected.

After reading all of the articles, watching all the debates and listening to all of the candidates’ opinions, Pat Lunney will be getting my vote.


Dos Palos

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