Mary Rojas: Forget his looks, Lunney is best choice

05/29/2014 11:00 PM

05/29/2014 11:01 PM

Regarding “Warnke won’t sit behind a desk” (Letters, May 23): What a nonsensical letter, taking cheap shots at Pat Lunney because of his looks! Can you imagine what would happen if a woman candidate was dismissed because she was attractive and well dressed? Would Pat make a better sheriff if he looked more like Boss Hogg?

The fact is we live in a county of 260,000 people, not Mayberry RFD. If the writer would rather have the sheriff out pulling weeds instead of leading 300 employees, managing a budget of $40 million, two correctional facilities and the coroner’s office, that is her right.

I would prefer that we have a sheriff who has experience running a large law-enforcement agency, like the Merced Police Department, the attorney general’s Division of Law Enforcement; or directing criminal investigations for the chief law enforcement agency in the county, like the District Attorney’s Office. You know, a candidate like Pat Lunney.

The writer’s comment about Pat’s out-of-town endorsements is just plain wrong, too. Yes, Pat has been endorsed by the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Narcotics Officers Association and the California District Attorneys Investigators Association, but he has also been endorsed by every police chief in Merced County, the district attorney, the chief probation officer, Merced Police Officers Association, the Atwater Police Officers Association, Dos Palos Police Officers Association and the Merced Sun-Star.

It should be noted that Pat finished a close second in the voting for an endorsement by the Merced County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, even though two of their own are in the race.

It doesn’t get any more local than that!



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