Ken Thurman: Swiggart will see it through

05/30/2014 10:30 PM

05/30/2014 10:32 PM

I see the Merced Sun-Star endorsed Pat Lunney for sheriff. I’m sure the writer has not lived in Merced County all his life and has not seen too many sheriff elections.

I have lived in Merced County all my life, and seen many sheriff elections. The Sun-Star endorsement has always been a kiss of death, and it has not endorsed the best candidate.

I started as a deputy sheriff with Merced County in 1974 and have seen many elected sheriffs who live in the past, or high-profile popular politicians who have been elected and once elected it was all about themselves and business took another step backward.

It’s time to live for tomorrow and elect a sheriff who is young enough with a vision.

Pat, you have lived your vision. It’s time to ride your horse off into the sunset. Vern, your horse rode off already without you.

It’s time for the voters to elect a sheriff young enough and experienced to carry out his vision. There is only one candidate young enough and experienced enough to be a true visionary and complete sheriff.

Please join me and vote for Frank Swiggart, a proven leader, young enough to see it through.



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