Letters to the Editor

June 11, 2014

Brent Jerner: Legislation benefits business owners

When my wife and I founded APG Solar 10 years ago, one of my priorities was to offer clean solar energy that was easy on the environment as well as on the consumer’s wallet. As Merced County has grown, it’s been my privilege to grow with the community, offering clean energy alternatives for industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential customers. In fact, Merced County has been so receptive to APG Solar, I recently decided to expand, purchasing land from the former Castle Air Force Base with plans to hire more employees and continue to grow our business.

However, I was afraid attempting to purchase land from a former military base would be both cumbersome and full of red tape. Much to my surprise, the process was smooth thanks to new legislation co-authored and supported by our state senator, Anthony Cannella. SB 90 simplifies the land sale process at Castle, allows business owners like myself the opportunity to expand, and of course, creates more potential jobs for our county.

I would like to express my gratitude for this recent legislation, as well as Gov. Jerry Brown and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development for naming Merced County as one of three new pilot programs for the New Employment Credit program, which offers substantial tax credits for businesses.

Brent Jerner, Atwater

owner/president, APG Solar

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