Letters to the Editor

June 16, 2014

J.D. Wibright: Arms business unfairly singled out

The two letters to the editor, “Gun ad inappropriate” and “Gun ad bad way to earn dollars” (Letters, June 10), regarding the “inappropriate” gun ad, highlight a disturbing way of thinking and misplaced blame.

Was it the gun that killed in Santa Barbara, or was it the “troubled young man” that did the killing? I think we can all agree that a gun has never been guilty of killing anyone, just as a spoon or fork has never been guilty of causing obesity.

Also, we don’t blame the car when someone decides to get drunk before getting behind the wheel and killing someone. By the reasoning of the authors of these letters, the Sun-Star should not print any ads for car dealerships, for fear of disrespecting the families of drunken driving tragedies.

Obviously, that would be absurd – as absurd as complaining about a law- and regulation-abiding local gun shop running a sale ad. As is the case with most arguments of gun control proponents, these just don’t make sense.

J.D. Wibright, Merced

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