Letters to the Editor

July 16, 2014

Henry DuPertuis: Court made correct call on Hobby Lobby

I fear my friend who authored “Ideology trumps Constitution” (July 9) left out an important part of the Constitution in his letter. When reading of a particular issue in the Constitution, it is important to read all of it. The second part of the first sentence of the First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ” (meaning religion). For the government to require Hobby Lobby to pay for activities contrary to its religious beliefs is clearly unconstitutional.

Hobby Lobby is not violating the law. It does not disallow employees from using contraceptives, it only does not want to pay for them. The employees can pay for their own, or they have the freedom to seek employment at a company which does pay for them. I don’t know why religion becomes a whipping boy for issues such as this because this is actually a constitutional, more than religious, subject.

Henry DuPertuis, Merced

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