Letters to the Editor

July 21, 2014

Garth Wright: Paranoia reacts to the border crisis

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, once stated the bigger the lie the easier it was for much of the population to swallow. The reason, he said, was that most people are small liars and when confronted by a huge lie they believe that it must be true because nobody would dare to make up such a lie if it wasn’t. His spirit is, unfortunately, still working among us. Paranoia personified, in seeing every event as a sinister plot by President Barack Obama to bring the country to its knees. Now it is the children who are vilified, made to look like evil, disease-ridden entities who threaten our national existence. Perhaps, in a moment of critical thinking, it might occur to these people that an immigration bill has been lying dormant before a Senate determined to frustrate any attempt at governance. It might also remind letter writers that Jesus himself left us with this admonition: “As you do it to the least of these, so have you done unto me.” He could perhaps have been addressing people who blame the victims and find excuses for the real villains.

Garth Wright, Merced

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