Letters to the Editor

August 6, 2014

Pat Trieweiler: Merced County’s water policy flawed

I don’t agree with the notion that the water transfer to the Del Puerto Water District won’t have an impact on wells in the surrounding area. While the landowners claim the water being transferred won’t be more than the farming operation would normally use, it will have a direct impact in lowering the water table for the wells of neighbors.

If water is pumped and is used to irrigate the surrounding fields, some of the water returns to the water table beneath it. However, in this case the water is pumped and sent to Stanislaus County. The water doesn’t recharge the neighboring field’s groundwater; it’s lost forever in the wake of a historical drought.

This water sale cannot be sugarcoated, and please don’t insult me by trying. It has an odor to it. Merced County’s policy on groundwater transfers is the poster child for how not to “manage” this precious resource during a severe drought.

Pat Trieweiler, Atwater

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