John Lutz: Israel support would serve well

08/10/2014 6:50 PM

08/10/2014 6:50 PM

It’s important for Israel to win the war against Hamas once and for all, for its sake and the world’s. But, Israel now stands alone against the rest of the world, particularly now that America has abandoned her. Not since World War II has anti-Semitism been so rampant. Israel is losing the propaganda war, thanks to the liberal media, Tinseltown, that oxymoron United Nations, and our anti-American, anti-Israel administration. The only reason this administration shows even feigned support for Israel is because of pressure coming from congressional Republicans and some Jewish Democrat congressmen. Ironically, the only nations now showing reluctant support for Israel are Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – primarily because they know America no longer has their backs either.

If the United States had a real president, he would get out of Israel’s way, condemn Hamas, the Palestinians, the United Nations and the media. Then he would ask Congress to give Israel all of the monies and arms they need to ensure victory. Then we could all get down on our knees and thank Israel for doing what the rest of the “Western world” doesn’t have the guts to do anymore.

John Lutz, Atwater

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