Letters to the Editor

August 25, 2014

Chuck Schultz: County ignoring stray animal problem

Re “Merced police didn’t respond to animal call” (Letters, Aug. 21), about the loose dogs at Costco and the lack of animal control response. It compounds the fact that no amount of money going to them helps with the dog and cat population.

We in Planada and Le Grand are overrun with stray animals. I have at least 20 stray cats we are feeding. The county will not pick them up. I took two cats in to be spayed today, thanks to vouchers from New Beginnings. They need your donations. Why does the county just ignore this situation?

They increase the fees, hire more people, but like the Costco situation, no one is available to pick up two dogs? I am sure whoever took them in was charged a fee for being a good Samaritan.

Where are our county supervisors? They gave Animal Control additional funding, for what?

Chuck Schultz, Le Grand

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