Vivian Cerda: Frozen meals for seniors a disgrace

08/26/2014 2:24 PM

08/26/2014 11:56 PM

I am ashamed of the Board of Supervisors’ decision to balance the budget partly by reducing services to our senior citizens. The meals program is for those 60 and older who cannot fend for themselves because of illness, incapacity or disability. Common sense tells us that heating up frozen meals is not a viable option for all seniors, and consumption drops tremendously. What really bothers me is knowing there is “discretionary fund money” just sitting and accumulating for a couple of supervisors. As per the July 1 article “Discretionary funds info released” (Page A1), Supervisor Hub Walsh, District 2, says most of the $210,978 discretionary fund money was there when he took office. This would be a great reason to use some of that money.

Before making their decision to discontinue meals, the supervisors should have taken a day – or two or three – to accompany volunteers of the meals program and see just how their district seniors really live and how easy or difficult frozen meals would be for them. My 71-year-old mother is lucky. She lives with family, and when she is not able to fix a meal, she has family who can do it for her. This is not the case for all seniors.

Vivian Cerda, Merced

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