Letters to the Editor

August 27, 2014

Renee Davenport: Seniors deserve more than frozen meals

I was saddened by the county supervisors who voted unanimously to have frozen meals delivered to senior citizens in our community. For many seniors, Meals on Wheels might be the only visitors they have; now they will be given frozen dinners once a week. Many seniors are on low budgets and don’t have microwaves; but that’s OK, they can put them in the oven, never mind that many are feeble and maybe can’t see very well. There might be volunteers who can help them, not sure about that. Wasn’t really in the plan, but now that it is voted in, who and how they oversee this frozen mess will come next. HSA has a budget of over $1 million to feed approximately 160 seniors, but doesn’t have enough money to continue with real hot fresh meals? So to remedy the problem, let’s feed them frozen foods they must heat up themselves.

This group of seniors is resilient; they have been through hard times, and maybe they will be able to heat those frozen dinners. One supervisor even said their 92-year-old mother couldn’t do it, but still voted for the change. What we need to change is the disrespect we have shown for the elderly by this vote. Maybe we will remember this when election year comes.

Renee Davenport, Merced

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