Jim Arkfeld: Yes, mothers are special to us all

05/02/2014 12:00 AM

05/01/2014 9:59 PM

We men are so unfortunate. We can’t be mothers. Oh, we try our best to overcome this inequity. In order to compensate, we try hard to be the hunters, protectors, builders and providers. It’s just not enough. While we go about these necessary tasks with dedication, strength and bravery, we simply fall short of the most important task in God’s creation: being a mother.

At ballgames people hold up signs that read “Hi, Mom!” Sick children call out for their mommy when they’re not feeling well. Even big, brawny men riding motorcycles have tattoos which say “Mom,” very rarely “Dad.”

We all know that Mother’s Day is so much bigger than Father’s Day.

Our legal system recognizes the special role of mothers when deciding child custody cases. Most of the time judges award custody to the mother rather than the father. If a parent abandons the responsibility of being a parent and leaves the family setting, it is more likely to be the father than the mother. Mothers, rather than fathers, head up a majority of single-parent homes. Mothers seem to be more responsible when it comes to accepting the role of parenthood.

A father’s role is important. Someone has to support the mother’s efforts while carrying a child and giving birth. The raising of a child is a partnership with both the mother and father guiding and nurturing. Often, we men are told that we are an equal. That will just have to appease us for now.

However, the mothers of the world get to carry a child and give birth while creating a bond so incredibly strong that no father can equal it. Only a mother can truly understand with such depth a child’s thoughts, hopes and dreams. A mother wipes away tears, encourages and guides a child through those important childhood years with a bit more emotion and understanding than a father.

Sorry, guys. We’ll just have to realize that fathers have very important parenting responsibilities, but no matter how good a husband or father we are, we simply can’t be a mother. I guess that’s not all bad. God decided that not everyone could be a mother. Mothers are very special indeed. We men will have to settle for being fathers while women get to be mothers. That’s just the way it is.

So carry on, you moms out there. Yours is a special role like no other. Relish the joys and deep satisfaction that motherhood provides. Accept the occasional sorrows which accompany this great human experience. Enjoy every moment of being a mother. Your reward will follow.

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