January 26, 2010

Database: See how well your school district pays its teachers

The average teacher salary last year was $66,995, an increase of 1.8 percent from 2008, according to new state figures. Districts laying off less-experienced, lower-paid teachers accounted for almost all of that increase -- cumulative school payroll in California was flat from 2008 to 2009. Teacher pay varies widely by district.
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California districts with the highest average teacher salaries:

California districts with the lowest average teacher salaries:

California districts losing the most teachers:

Notes: Average salaries are often a reflection of three things: An area's cost of living, how much the district is willing to pay and the number of experienced teachers the district employs. If your district is low on this these lists but it has a high maximum salary, it probably means it has a lot of teachers fresh out of college. Summary tables exclude districts with fewer than 100 teachers. Roughly 15 percent of districts -- most of them very small -- did not report data to the state and have nothing in their data fields.

Source: 2008-09 Certificated Salary Data, California Department of Education

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