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January 5, 2012

Loose Lips: Shootin' Wooten featured in 'Chicks with Guns'

Who knew former mayor and rootin'-tootin' Realtor Ellie Wooten would become Merced's latest centerfold? She's featured on page 134-135 of the new book "Chicks with Guns" by photographer Lindsay McCrum.

The book features 80 women from all over the country posing with their firearms.

It'll come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed Wooten's career to learn that the former mayor has been spending more time at the firing range since she stepped down from the dais in 2009. Her reputation as a "straight shooter," after all, is only partially related to her years of local politicking.

In a picture that was also featured prominently on, the book shows Dirty Ellie in her living room, surrounded by nearly a dozen stuffed animals (including the Foster Farms chicken mascots) and smiling as she grips a .38 revolver.

It's chilling stuff, really.

The heat-packing home broker tells McCrum she spends Tuesday with "the girls" at the gun range. "When I was mayor, I couldn't practice as often as I wanted to, but now that I’m no longer mayor I go a lot more often."

Interestingly, "Chicks with Guns," which can be found on, features three other women from the Merced area, including probation officer Connie Owens and two Atwater women identified only by their first names, Lena and Ashton.

The tipster who alerted us to the book said he's heard McCrum may be working on a follow-up edition, "featuring former Mayor Bill Spriggs and his love of baking and scrapbooking."

Get the most bang for your buck: "Chicks with Guns" can be purchased on Ellie's got a copy, of course, but don't count on borrowing it -- chances are you'll have to pry it from her cold, dead hands.

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