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January 19, 2012

Loose Lips: Ellie Wooten vs. Occupy Merced

Not content to remain out of the Loose Lips spotlight, Ellie Wooten seems to have forgotten she no longer has the mayor’s gavel. The former mayor and current real estate agent was spotted at a recent Merced City Council meeting, where she yelled at several of Occupy Merced members who were supporting the Tenants Together movement.

"This is city government," she told an unidentified woman in the audience. "Don't play games with me." She then walked up to the dais to talk to council members.

The late-December meeting was one of Mayor Stan Thurston's first attempts at running the show, and a YouTube video showing the exchange between Wooten and the woman also reveals a fairly frenzied council chambers -- so we’re guessing she may have been just a bit annoyed at the chaos.

You might be careful in the future, Mr. Thurston, or Ellie Wooten might just wrestle that gavel out of your hands to lay down the law.

Watch the video here:

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