Your essential guide to pre-triathlon prep

Obviously, on race day you want to feel as strong, fit, confident, and well rested as possible. This time-based checklist will help you fully prepare with the least amount of worry. It begins one day before the race and leads you from the starting line to the finish.


Embracing the challenge of trail running

Laura Mueller lives in West Allis and works downtown Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater, managing and marketing some 400 shows a year. She really didn't have much of an athletic background as a kid, but she loves the arts and respects the live performance and the connection an audience has with a performer in that arena.


Four strategies to beat self doubt, run a faster race

A lot of runners are afraid to push the pace because they're scared they may not be up to the task. Every runner has moments of doubt. This is not entirely a bad thing. It reflects your investment in your efforts: self-intimidation can be self-defeating and prevent you from moving forward. These feelings are rooted in negativity and self-doubt. They can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that affects you physically and distracts you from your goals.


Infrared yoga is the next big thing

When it comes to hot yoga (or its even balmier counterpart Bikram), people tend to fall into one of two camps: love or hate. We fall in the former and actually enjoy how the heat forces us to sweat. There's nothing more satisfying than leaving a class totally drenched (followed by a shower, obviously). Thus, our ears perked up when we started hearing about a new trend in the hot yoga space: infrared heating. We know infrared light is amazing for your skin and aids your body's detox process, but we were curious as to how it differs from traditional yoga studio heating.


Sleeping bag offers comfort plus safety from fall temperatures

As the temperatures begin to drop, it's important to select the right sleeping bag to keep you comfy and reduce the risk of hypothermia. NEMO Equipment's Strato Loft Down Sleeping Bag is a good option for fall hiking and camping, with a rating down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to its 700-fill quilted down insulation.

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