Wina Sturgeon: Tips to help get you 'in the zone'

Athletes have often credited their victories to being 'in the zone.' It's a wonderful feeling of knowing how to move and what to do during an athletic activity, and being in the zone is an almost magical experience that makes you feel you can do no wrong.


Seven things to know before taking your first boxing class

Any notion that boxing is just for boys couldn't be more wrong. These days, models (including Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima), fashion bloggers, and others are becoming boxing devotees, putting the workout right up there with cult favorites a la Ballet Barre, Soul Cycle, and Model Fit. In other words? Boxing is cool and empowering, and its female followers are redefining what it means to "hit like a girl."


The eight most important things to look for on nutrition labels

If you want to fill your grocery cart with foods that'll keep you satisfied, slim and overall healthy, your smartest strategy is to first look at the ingredients list (or, even better, buy whole foods that don't have an ingredients list). Words you can't pronounce? Lots of sneaky names for sugar? Put it back on the shelf.


Bucket hat helps protect kids from sunburn

Whether it seems like it or not, warmer weather is coming, and that means parents need to focus on kids' sun protection. According to the Centers for Control and Prevention, unprotected skin can be damaged by UV rays in just 15 minutes of exposure, and it recommends a combination of prevention methods, including having little ones wear a hat that shades the face, scalp, neck and ears.

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