Customer Service Central

About The Merced Sun Star

Today The Sun Star employs over 150 people from all over our community and is delivered to homes throughout Merced County. All of those people do very important jobs, in departments such as:

The Publisher. Hank VanderVeen, publisher of The Sun Star, oversees all of the daily operations and long-range planning of the newspaper. You can write to him at

The Newsroom. Reporters, photographers, editors and page designers work through the day and night to report on news from our neighborhoods, our state and our world.

Advertising. Every day Sun Star salespeople hit the streets working with local businesses to get their word out to our readers through advertising.

Subscriber Services. You may take it for granted, but hundreds of people work every morning to make sure the Merced Sun Star arrives on your doorstep each and every day.

Operations. Operations staff keeps the building running, build and print our pages, run the press and maintain the grounds.

Human Resources. If you want to work at The Sun Star, or if you already do, the Human Resources staff will work with you to make your experience at The Sun Star as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Finance. Every dollar that comes in or goes out of The Sun Star has to be accounted for, and the finance staff make sure that they are.

Online Services. Readers from all over the world are able to view Merced news and information thanks to the staff in this division.