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Along for the ride: Stubbs, Betschart and Valladao hop on coaching carousel to new posts in CCC

Rob Scheidt has an extensive archive of game tape from his 11 years at Merced. Scheidt and his coaching staff can cue up any game in preparation for a big Central California Conference matchup. But Scheidt's video collection may be a little less useful this season.

With all the coaching changes in the conference the last two years, CCC coaches should be required to wear name tags on the sideline.

Last year it was Lance Cornell taking over for Tom Tyler at Turlock, Brandon Harris taking the reigns at Pitman for the departed Larry Nigro and Kevin Swartwood returning to the CCC with Buhach Colony.

The coaching musical chairs continued this offseason.

First it was Dennis Stubbs leaving Golden Valley after 12 years for Los Banos.

Paul Bristow then decided it was time to step down at Atwater and he was replaced by assistant Bob Valladao.

Golden Valley then looked to Hilmar and brought in former JV coach Jon Betschart to fill Stubbs' shoes.

"I feel like the old guy," Scheidt said. "It's going to be more work for us.

"There's definitely going to be a lack of feel with the new guys for what they want to do and how they operate."

How will all the changes effect the CCC?

"I think the conference got better," Swartwood said. "No disrespect to the former coach in Los Banos, but Dennis is going to do a good job. They're definitely improved.

"From what I've seen and heard, Betschart is a good energy guy and I'm sure he's going to keep it going at Golden Valley.

"Bobby has been at Atwater for years. He was kind of the guy behind the scenes. He's going to do a great job."

Stubbs echoed Swartwood's statements.

"I expect big things from Buhach," he said. "Kevin is going to work his tail off to get them where he wants them to be.

"I'm going to do the same in Los Banos. Merced has been on a pretty good roll. Pitman has been on a roll. I think it's going to be a competitive league."

Stubbs' move to Los Banos had a lot to do with his growing frustration over the Golden Valley administration's inability to hire more on-campus coaches.

He thinks the time demands on coaches is a key reason for a big turnover each year in the profession.

"It's getting harder to get the support," Stubbs said. "Any good head coach will tell you he's as good as his assistants.

"I was fortunate at Golden Valley to have a great staff at the varsity level. I had so many walk-ons at the lower levels. It makes it tough when you don't have teachers on campus, monitoring the kids at the lower levels.

"It wears on you. This is a year-round job. We work out all summer. We probably make 50 cents an hour, maybe.

"It's tough."

For Stubbs, his move is just an address change. He's been in the conference for 12 years. He's familiar with the other teams.

Now he's using most of his time learning about his players.

Valladao has also spent time in the league since beginning as an assistant coach at Atwater in 2000.

Still, it's an adjustment moving from an assistant to the head coach.

"I think I had one day off during the summer," Valladao said. "I can't focus in on one thing like I could when I was as assistant for Paul.

"As a head coach, I have to be involved in every aspect. I try to delegate as much as I can."

For Betschart, everything is new.

"METV has been a great resource," Betschart said. "I've watched a lot of games."

While most of Stubbs' former assistants departed, Betschart says he's fortunate to have assistant coach Josh Collins still on staff.

"What type of offense people run is not a mystery," Betschart said. "Football is football. Putting our athletes in the right spot to stop them is the challenge."

While Betschart may not be familiar with the other coaches in the league, the same holds true on the other sideline.

It's like a hitter facing a pitcher for the first time.

"As a coach, you get to learn what every coach likes to do on offense and defense," Swartwood said.

"You get to know a Merced or a Golden Valley. With a new coach, it's definitely a challenge.

"You can't look at old video or film to get up to speed on him. You are dealing with an unknown. It makes it interesting. You really don't have much to go on."

Expect the cameras to be rolling.

It's time to start restocking those video archives.