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A message from UC Merced Chancellor Steve Kang

From: announcements@ucmerced.eduDate: October 30, 2007 11:43:02 AM PDTTo: announcements@ucmerced.eduSubject: A message from Chancellor Kang and Provost Alley

Dear Campus Community,

Some time over this past weekend, individuals defaced public spaces in Tuolumne Hall, our new student residence. This act of vandalism not only demonstrated a lack of respect for the campus’ physical space, but more importantly, a lack of respect for principles that are core to our university.The writing on the walls included degrading racial slurs and offensive statements about sexuality specifically targeted at our gay and lesbian students.

This behavior violates the university’s Principles of Community; principles to which we all ascribed when we choose to attend or work at UC Merced. Our principles talk of integrity, fairness and intellectual excellence. They were ignored in this cowardly act.

We are most concerned with the contempt shown for our diversity commitment: “We are committed to achieving tolerance in our community. All persons – faculty, staff, and students – regardless of background or lifestyle should participate and work together in a collegial atmosphere that we strive to make free of any and all acts of discrimination or harassment.”

The university continues its investigation into this incident. We feel it is important to inform our campus community that this occurred and ask for your assistance in asserting as a community that such acts of ignorance and intolerance have no place at UC Merced.

If you have information that can help us with the investigation, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Residence Life staff or an officer with the UC Merced Police Department.

Respectfully,Steve Kang Chancellor

Keith AlleyExecutive Vice Chancellor and Provost