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Dump truck crashes into house

It was a case of the dump truck, duplex and dialing device.

Tuesday night's "drama of the Ds" involves a dropped cell phone, city of Merced dump truck, a 2002 Hyundai Sonata four-door sedan and a vacant dwelling at 1352 Frankfort Court.

Sgt. Bob Chapman of the Merced Police Department said Gregory Benitez, 57, of Merced was eastbound on Madison Court at 6:13 p.m. when he dropped his cell telephone and reached over to pick it up.

His car went through the intersection of Denver Avenue and was struck by a city of Merced dump truck driven by Adam Bonifay. The dump truck, northbound on Denver Avenue, hit the right rear corner of the Hyundai, sending it up the inclined grassy area into the side of a vacant duplex.

The car pushed in the wall at the right front corner of the dwelling about six inches, causing minor to moderate damage.

Neither Bonifay nor Benitez were injured, Chapman said.

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