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Livingston man charged with having sex with adopted sister

LIVINGSTON -- Kenneth Ray Nightingale, 25, of Livingston was arrested on charges of having sex with his adopted sister over a 10-year period.

Deputy Tom MacKenzie, Merced County Sheriff's Department spokesman, said Nightingale was booked into county jail Saturday on charges of having sex with a minor and lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. He remained jailed Monday night in lieu of $400,000 bail, according to a correctional official.

Detective Alex Barba received a report from a 17-year-old victim, whose name is being withheld, that she had been abused sexually by her adopted brother Nightingale since she was 7 years old.

MacKenzie said the abuse started when they lived in Minnesota and continued when they moved to California when she was 14. Barba is investigating allegations of other members of the family who are living out of state.

"The investigation is still ongoing and we still don't know if there are other victims or suspects that are unidentified," Barba said.