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Police arrest four on drugs and other charges while searching for missing juvenile

Merced police searching for a missing juvenile Wednesday night arrested four people at an R Street residence on a variety of drug charges, parole violations and warrants.Police arrived at the home around 8:40 p.m. after receiving news that the unidentified missing juvenile was staying at the residence at 2406 R Street.After they got to the home, police said they saw Toriano Holmes, 38, come out of the residence. A records check on Holmes revealed that there were two outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest. Police also spoke to the homeowner of the residence, Frankie Sanders, 60, and obtained permission to search it. Police said as Sanders was searching through her purse, a small plastic baggie containing rock cocaine fell on the floor. Police said Sanders also told them that she needed to use the restroom. A parole agent escorted Sanders into the restroom and searched her to prevent her from destroying any evidence. During the search, police said the parole agent found another baggie of rock cocaine hidden in the neckline of Sanders’ shirtInside the home, police said they also found Deborah Luna, 53, and Lillian Oliver, 41, both on parole. Luna was found in possession of a small amount of rock cocaine and a smoking pipe. During the search, police said they also found $849 in cash. Police said Sanders and Luna confessed that the drugs belonged to them — although they said it was for their personal use.Police said the missing juvenile was not found inside the residence.Sanders and Luna were booked on cocaine possession charges and for maintaining a home where drugs are sold and used. Oliver was arrested for a parole violation, while Holmes was arrested for two misdemeanor warrants.For more information about this story, check for updates or read Friday’s Merced Sun-Star.