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Memo: School district may avoid layoffs

Editor's note: This is the memo that went out to Atwater Elementary School District employees on Wednesday.


To: All AESD EmployeesFrom: Melinda Hennes Re: Certificated Lay Off NoticesDate: 4-9-08

As many of you are aware, prior to March 15th a number of certificated employees received potential notices of lay-off for the 2008-2009 school year. The distribution of these notices was required in order to provide the Board of Trustees with the flexibility to determine the elimination and/or reduction of services. Reductions must be made to preserve the fiscal stability of the District.

Nineteen classroom teachers were among those employees notified. Of those nineteen, seventeen have been informally notified today that their jobs are secure for the coming year. Formal notification of their continued employment with the District will be delivered by mail within the next several weeks. We are hopeful that positions will become available for the remaining two teachers on notice for potential lay-off.

Our plans at this time call for ten less teaching positions next year than this year. We are watching enrollment numbers very closely and will continue to do so.

Though this news is worthy of great celebration, we must be mindful that there has been no relief for many other, very valued employees in our district. We will continue to struggle with budget reductions as we work together to maintain an exemplary program for our students while doing so with less financial support.

As always, please feel free to call District Office personnel with your questions and concerns.