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Merced College: Feats worth sharing

Neither Steve Cassady or Chris Pedretti are quick to embrace praise.

The architects of Merced College's softball and baseball programs would rather let their teams' successes speak for themselves.

With both Blue Devils squads in the hunt for for Central Valley Conference titles, the two coaches have almost made an art form out of deflecting attention onto their players.

But some accomplishments can't go unnoticed.

A 7-3 victory by the She-Devils on April 5 gave Cassady his 600th career victory.

"I did it in 21 seasons, but I get a mulligan on the first one because I didn't know what I was doing," Cassady said. "It's rewarding because it shows consistency. Since that first year we've never been bad.

"We went .500 the second season, but we've consistently won every year after that, which I'm very proud of."

In 21 seasons, MC's facetious skipper has compiled a 602-343-2 record.

Reaching the mark with this particular team made the achievement all the more memorable.

"You like to reach milestones with people you like to spend time with and this team is just hilarious," Cassady said.

Four days later, Pedretti joined the 600-win club with a 2-1 victory over Taft.

Pedretti's wife and assistant coaches conspired to commemorate the moment with 600 Ws printed out on sheets of paper.

In his 26 seasons on the pine, Pedretti has recorded a 601-480 record.

"What it means is I've been doing this for a long time," said Pedretti in his usual humble fashion. "We needed 25 wins to get it, so I'm really proud of the guys on achieving that so early.

"It shows how good this team has been this season."

Sean Lynch is a Sun-Star sports writer. He can be reached at 385-2476 or via e-mail at