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A letter from Frank Gasper

Editor's note: The following is an e-mail from Sgt. Frank J. Gasper to family members, Aug. 17, 2007.

Ok, so yesterday we lost a great man, father, husband and (Special Forces) soldier. It really opened my eyes because I haven’t lost anyone over here at least an American since the first time I was here. It really scared me at first and I was fearing getting out there again.

I thought about it and that is exactly what this type of an enemy wants me to do. He wants me to fear him. I don’t fear him at all and I never will. I know inside that I am one of the best warriors here and that is why I am picked so much to go out there and fight.

I know I am going to miss my friend but I know I must fight now so that I will have time to miss him later. I know that he would want everyone out there to show them that killing an American is punishable by a hardcore ass kicking. That killing one of our own doesn’t bring us down it just feeds us with rage to fuel our warrior mentality.

Not very long I wrote these two poems I guess you can call them. They seemed to just come to me and I started writing. I do believe it was for this time to tell everyone who we are and what we feel. I hope you enjoy it and remember to always keep those who keep you safe in your prayers.


We are men that were taught by those from long ago

Trained and proficient we pray for war

An explosion is set off and we hear it in the distance

Our hearts race like that of a medieval knight’s horse

We all yell, “Let’s get it on, they’re ready for more!”

We all fear death but would accept it with honor

We would all take a bullet for those by our side

Many have fallen but none without valor

A war cry is let out

“Ahhhh! They don’t fear death, so let’s see if we can get them there faster, men!”

Another cries out

“Move like me, fight like me, but if it’s tonight please don’t die like me!”

For some can feel that this is the first day of their last days with us

Tomorrow we will remember a warrior that fell

His family will mourn

But we will celebrate his victory

Just Regular Men

He left home leaving behind those things that meant most to him

He was headed to a place where his undying dedication, loyalty and duty was needed most

Not knowing what good he would bring to a land starving for freedom and compassion

The men he traveled with (most experienced) joined his thoughts of home and loved ones

Most of these men he traveled with had experienced his suffering and fears

The rest of them were fresh from a relaxed standard of his breed and the remaining rested in the dirt

They fought like heroes they bragged like kings but all were just regular men

Regular men like those traveling the streets or helping you find an item at the store

But they all had the courage to stand for what they all believed would come to pass

They wished for the freedom of the people they were sent to protect

They wished for justice of those who oppressed the innocent

But they came for those who killed their brothers in arms and fellow countrymen

The night was their time of operation as if they were ghosts floating through the air

They came through with the force and speed of a rushing hurricane

No mistakes they made as they captured their thieves in the night

All around heard the sounds of their villages being disturbed but only for a moment

Because in a moment’s notice they were gone again

Some asked why would these men do something so great?

All this you say for the riches of the earth? No, I tell you

Then for the freedom of their own? Again, I tell you no

This they do for the freedom of you and the security you feel as you lay to rest every night

Why would someone do this you ask?

Because the warrior inside them all will not lay to rest until their mission is complete

And their mission will not be complete until freedom reigns on the country lands they protect

- Frank