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Buhach coaching vacancy still open

ATWATER -- Buhach Colony principal John Olson believes he should be able to name a new boys basketball coach in seven to 10 days.

The job was offered to Merced girls coach John Bliss late last week.

However, Bliss has said he wants to make sure there is a teaching position open for him at BC before he accepts the job.

Olson won't comment on possible candidates for the job.

"When we make an announcement, we will be very clear why it is," Olson said. "I have requirements that I have to meet and I can't jeopardize the process."

Bliss was offered the job over Shane Gentry, who has been coaching the team since Steve Abrams resigned in May.

Many Buhach Colony players, parents and other coaches on campus are upset Gentry wasn't given the job.

Buhach players, who have been working with Gentry during the off season, are upset that Olson did not act on the recommendation of a search committee which sources claim favored Gentry over Bliss by a 5-1 margin.

Twelve of the players delivered a letter supporting Gentry to Olson on Friday.

Bliss has compiled a 199-105 record at Merced with three Central California Conference championships.