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Mercedian allegedly threatened CPS worker

Benito Aguirre, 53, of Merced, was arrested Monday on charges of threatening a Merced County Child Protective Services worker if his children were taken away from him.

Deputy Tom MacKenzie, sheriff's spokesman, said deputy Aaron Rosenberg received a call from a worker regarding Aguirre possibly carrying out threats of shooting the CPS building the following day.

The worker, whose identity is being withheld, received information from Aguirre's relatives that he would go to CPS with guns and "shoot up the place" if his kids were taken away from him.

The court was having the kids removed from Aguirre's custody because of his criminal history. Aguirre failed to take a court-ordered drug test and was very confrontational with CPS workers, MacKenzie said.

Aguirre was arrested on charges of making terrorist threats and also served with a restraining order for the CPS worker assigned to his case and remains in Merced County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Although it was reported he had access to guns, none could be found at his residence, MacKenzie said.

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