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In Beijing!

Now I'm officialy a has-been! I've been talking with Brett Favre's agent to see if he can get me in the games, if not for the US then maybe Canada. All jokes aside it was very tough watching the opening ceremonies, and I got the chills watching it all.

As I'm sure you all know, China is 12 hours ahead so I was getting text messages from friends during opening ceremonies early this morning telling me all about it. It really made me realize why some athletes such as Favre, Jordan, Montana and Rice all continued to play because of the thrill of competition. Competing is something that is really hard to get out of your system. I've made the rounds at the Olympic games first as a training partner in Sydney, athlete in Athens, and spectator/support staff/coach in Beijing. My next goal, once I have children, is to get to them to the Olympics as athletes so I can complete the full circle.

So now that I've wiped all my tears away, I've got everything packed up and ready to make the long trip to Beijing. I fly from DFW to San Fran, and from there make the 12-hour flight to Beijing. I've been loading up my iPod with as much music as I can, mostly Lil Wayne (who I think should remix the song "A Milli" to "Jamilli" since I think it has a better ring to it. It would also be a lot cooler if I actually had a million dollars, but hey, what can you do. Once I arrive in Beijing I will head to Beijing Normal University which is what the US has turned into a training center in Beijing.

I'll be training and helping the guys get ready for competition. I plan on attending women's volleyball, softball and maybe basketball since I have friends competing. In Athens, the United States lost every basketball game I went to, so I might stay away. The IOC has a complex set up for all former Olympians and the US has an AT&T friends and Family Center where I will also spend a lot of time. Of course, since I'm not competing I will be enjoying myself and checking out the Sports Illustrated parties as much as possible. I'm sure they will give me a lot to talk about, and perhaps I can get my million dollars selling pictures to tabloids. I kid, I kid.

Well that's it for now next time I write ill be in China!