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Making the president sick

First, I would like to say that I have visited a whole lot of places in my life and nothing compares to driving in a Chinese taxi cab.

I have never in my life knowingly got into a car and not know if I will arrive somewhere safely! It is truly amazing yet scary at the same time!

Today was suppose to have a bit of excitement with former President Bush coming to view the freestyle team workout. Unfortunately, once President Bush arrived he became ill over something he ate and had to leave. I personally think it was because I had an "Obama for President" shirt on, but hey, I could be wrong. Leave it to a Republican to leave us high and dry.

All jokes aside (and hopefully avoiding a political war) former President Bush did become ill and had to cut his visit short, which was somewhat disappointing. But he did apologize on his way out and really did look like he was under the weather.

After the workout, me and a couple of guys headed to the silk market which is basically a huge five-level building where you can get anything from clothes, purses, watches, etc. You have 300 people pulling at you at all angles trying to get you to buy anything and everything. It's hilarious! They will start trying to sell you something for 100 US dollars and settle for 10. You have to have a little bit of game. (which I have) and learn to bargain with them. They pull out a calculator and punch in the number they want, then you counter it, and this goes on and on and on. The best strategy is the walk-away tactic since they will come running after you and finally give in.

Tomorrow is a day off for the guys so I will probably go check out the sights and hopefully catch a couple events. Let me just tell you: The Bird's Nest and Water Cube at night are two of the greatest sites I've ever seen. The Bird's Nest, which is the Olympic stadium, is lit up in red, and the Water Cube is all blue. both look like something out of a movie! Ill try and get pictures ASAP. As for the guys on the team, everyone looks good and relaxed and ready to compete. That's it for now.