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What I've learned so far

Each day something crazy and different happens to me while I'm here. I decided to go check out the sights at the Forbidden City. I was walking around taking pictures and I saw a little kid about 2-to-3-years old with pants that had a big hole in the front and back. I started to feel sorry for the kid, but then I noticed the pants are actually made that way. So I was confused and asked someone what the deal is. I found out that in China, kids wear pants like that so they do not have to buy diapers! If they have to go to the bathroom they just go! I could not stop laughing -- all I kept thinking about is when people take their dogs out for walks and have to clean up after them when they go to the bathroom. I know that was very random but hey, I had to share that with everyone.

After the Forbidden City, I headed over to the Bank Of America Friends and Family Center. It's a location where each athlete's family can go and hang out, use the Internet, make phone calls home, eat, watch events, and just have a good time. It's really cool since you meet people from all over the US and everyone is just so proud of their family members. The USOC also has what they call a "USA house." This is for all current and former Olympians. This was also very cool to be able to hangout with other Olympians and hangout and talk about the games. While I was there I saw Kerri Shrug, Janet Evans and many other Olympians. This was a great idea by the USOC and it's really cool that they set something up for Olympians coming to watch the games.

After hanging out all day I headed to "Club Bud." Budweiser rented out this huge warehouse and turned it into the type of club you would see in Las Vegas: red carpet, dance floors and of course, all the Budwesier was free. I'm working on getting pictures uploaded so you can see how cool this place is. They hold parties every other day, and have a strict security policy so that the paparazzi and others can not enter. I plan on making a couple more trips back here.

Greco-Roman competition ended today with US only getting one bronze medal. This was a big disappointment since we were expecting to get a couple more medals. Hopefully the women's and freestyle teams will be able to pick it up. The freestyle guys are looking good and are very eager to get competition started. They are less than a week out so the hard work is done, and everyone will begin to taper down and get their bodies ready to go. That's it for now. I included a couple of other random facts about China.

1. Taxi cab drivers cannot eat garlic or onion at lunch and dinner and must wear yellow shirts and ties.

2. If you are a baby in China, you wear a bottomless outfit, not diapers.

3. Pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way on the streets in China.

4. "Jia Yo" means "add oil." It is what they yell in the stands to "Keep Going - Let's Go, Let's Go.

5. The word on the street has it that China puts salt crystals into the clouds to induce rain. They may do this for a number of reasons: More moisture, clean the air, and even wash things off. If it is true, it is kind of scary that we are starting to try and play God so to speak.

6. China spent $300 Million on opening ceremonies. Just as a reference, Athens spent 36 Million on opening ceremonies in 2004.

7. China has 100 million more men than women coming into their 20s. Many men will not find a female counterpart in China.

8. China has a policy of one child for each couple unless you get an exemption from the government. If you do not get an exemption and have more than one child, you can have everything taken away from you.

9. You can have only one dog and it can only be 16 inches high or less unless you have an exemption

10. China has a population of 1.4 billion people. In the next 10 years, they have a plan to move 300 million people from rural China (poverty) to the urban areas. That is about 1/5 of their population and that is like moving every single person in the USA.