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Jamill Kelly: How will we catch the Chinese?

Everything is going pretty well in Beijing, besides the Chinese killing us in gold medals. The US will have a hard time catching them in gold medals but will get the overall medal count for sure. Hopefully we will be able to pull some heroics and catch them, but they have been doing a great job. I had a very cool day yesterday at the USA house.

Michael Phelps came to the house to be honored by the USOC, and a lot of former great Olympians came attended. Carl Lewis, Gail Devers, Dara Torres, Venus and Serena Williams, were among the many athletes that were there. It was neat to see all these great Olympians and witness something in Olympic and sports history. The USA house has became my favorite spot to hang around and talk with other Olympians and cheer the US teams on.

Freestyle wrestling gets started today so I've been helping some of the guys get down to weight and get ready to compete. All of us are hoping to bring home some more golds for the US and add to the medal count. I'll be in the village with the guys on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will also be a highlight of my trip I'm sure. Freestyle wrestling is spread out over three days.

Two weight classes will compete the first two days, and three on third. It's starting to feel a little weird as the competition starts, and has me filled with a lot of mixed emotions. I must admit this experience has lit a fire in my belly that I have not felt since 2004. The Olympic Games isn't something you can really appreciate until you actually attend the games and see everyone in the world come to one location to represent themselves and their country. As long as I'm able I plan to attend every Summer Olympic games that I can.

Thats it for now. I know this blog was pretty short, but I promise to have a lot more in the next! GO USA!