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A disappointing end

The last few days in Beijing have been like the USA track and field performance: A MESS!

My good friend Daniel Cormier, after weighing-in to compete at 96 kg, was hospitalized due to excessive dehydration. This was a very unexpected and very disappointing result. It didn't help that we only won three medals and had the worst performance by a wrestling team at the Olympic games since 1968. On a positive note, congratulations to Henry Cejudo for winning the gold medal at 55 kg.

After seeing our wrestling and track and field performance, as well as women's softball, I've really come to realize how much of a up-and-down roller coaster ride the Olympic games can be. Do you say we "under achieved?" By doing that you give no credit to the athletes that stepped it up and won. Don't get me wrong I definitely think we should have done better in a lot of events, but being someone who won a medal that wasn't supposed to, I look at this through different eyes. The USA wrestling, track and field and other governing bodies will be taking a real close look at all their organizations after this year's performance.

Hats off to China for seizing the moment while they are on the big stage to make a statement to the rest of the world. It will now be up to us as a country to step it up in 2012. I know we will win the over all medal count, but I believe that the amount of gold medals won by China are the most by a country in a non-boycotted Olympics. That's impressive. Ill have one more blog entry coming tomorrow!