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Got a clue? What will it take to stop Merced High?

Everybody remembers the board game Clue. Hours were spent trying to figure out if it was Miss Scarlett in the conservatory with the lead pipe.

It was the ultimate murder-mystery game.


Welcome to the Sun-Star's football version of Clue.

We're not trying to figure out who did it.

Instead, we're trying to figure out who can do it and how it can be done.

Which local Central California Conference team can knock off do-everything star Bernard Bolden and Merced?

Before we can answer that question, let's look at what these teams are up against.

Merced has dominated the CCC the past two years, winning 12 straight games.

Rob Scheidt's troops have outscored CCC opponents 518-135 during that streak.

Conference foes have had a tough time slowing down Merced's incredible run of athletes in recent years.

It's a run that doesn't seem to be stopping this year, either, with dynamic players like Bernard Bolden, Nathan Mayfield, Stephon Mathis and Kenny Cooper all dressing up in the black and orange once again.

"There's no question the guys they've got are the best athletes in the league by far," Los Banos coach Dennis Stubbs said.

So how do teams like Los Banos, Buhach Colony, Golden Valley and Atwater stop Merced's streak?

It's going to take more than Miss Scarlett and a lead pipe.

Let's take a look: