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Nov. 27 in Merced history: Thanksgiving no problem for these families

Nov. 27, 1958: Thanksgiving problems of eleven families were solved late Wednesday by the Merced Recreation and Parks Department.

Seven turkeys and a duck were awarded to high school age winners of a "Turkey Chase" at the Applegate Park.

Fastest runners were Shirley Newfeld, Joanne McGuire, Juanita Macedo, Carol Bowen, Nash Lopez, Dove Johnson, James Durks, Lumpe Sanders, Mel Brooks, Tom Riddle, and Sam Jones.

A total of 48 teenagers participated and 140 spectators watched according to the Recreation Supervisor.

Prizes were donated by California Turkey Processors and Nordman and Sons.

Nov. 27, 1998


When the doors opened Thursday morning a line of folks waiting for a free Thanksgiving feast extended from Merced's Veteran Memorial Building past P Street.

More than 100 volunteers served more than 1,200 people for the 11th annual dinner for the needy on Thanksgiving day. Scott Camper has organized the event for the past four years.

Camper, who was awake for most of the night before cooking the 1,400 pounds of turkey that would be served at the free meal, said the two-hour event began as a necessity for the hungry and less fortunate.

Camper said the food is either donated by local grocers or purchased with donated funds.